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    written by mouza

    About the Site

    Staff: Mouza
    Domain: matt-ryan.net
    Site Name: Matt Ryan Daily
    Online Since: July 27th, 2014
    Contact: eMail Site

    Who is managing the website?
    My name is Mouza, fangirl at heart. Reader & writer who doesn’t take life too seriously.

    Why did you create the site?
    To show my support for Matt & his career.

    What’s the first thing you saw Matt in?
    My first exposure with Matt was Constantine’s first trailer and while building the site, I got to watch all his projects that I could get my hands on and I can’t wait for people to fall in love with him through Constantine.

    Has Matt ever been to the site?
    Matt is fully aware of the website and supports it and for that I’ll always be grateful.

    Have you ever met Matt?
    Yes, I’ve been lucky enough to see him on stage when he did Knives in hens and got to do a small interview with him after and I got to attend a couple of cons he’s been to in the US & UK.

    Is Matt on Social Media?
    Matt is on Twitter & Instagram.

    Is Matt Single?
    I will not report on Matt’s personal life unless he volunteers that information.

    Are you Matt or are you affiliated with him?
    I, Mouza, is not Matt. However, as his official fansite we are supported by Matt himself.

    Can you forward my message to Matt?
    I can not. The website is handled solely by the myself so he will not see any message sent to the website. Though, as of this last year, we have a fanmail address that you can use to send a message to Matt through the Legends of Tomorrow production offices in Canada.

    Can Matt come to (INSERT CON NAME HERE)?
    You need to contact the con organisers about it so they would invite him through his management.