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    written by mouza on Wednesday, January 08 2020

    Site Update: Matt Ryan Daily is now Matt Ryan’s Official Fansite!

    Hello everyone,

    So I have a small announcement that I’ve been keeping under wraps for the past few weeks. When I met Matt in Wales Comic Con last month he told me that he wanted me to become his official fansite (!!!!!) freaking out and being super grateful aside, I had to think about what it means when it comes to running the website and how much it might changes thing. The good news is: Not much!

    I’ll still be covering everything I usually do when it comes to news and photos about his career.

    One thing that I wanted to test last weekend is the possibility to get more photos of Matt to try and do more frequent photo updates; and it kind of worked smoothly!

    So last week, as soon as I found out that Matt will have a panel in Wizard World New Orleans, I looked around, found a great photographer (Thanks Sydney)  and commissioned her to cover the panel for us. And she did! And have sent us some amazing photos that you can click on the thumbs below to check out:

    I also updated the site about page with a few more questions I regularly get asked, if there’s anything else that anyone has (comments, inquires, etc..) about the website, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks everyone for everything through the years and here’s to more years supporting Matt.

    written by mouza on Wednesday, January 08 2020

    Audio: Matt on The Week in Geek Radio Show

    During his appearance on Wizard World New Orleans last weekend, Matt gave a small interview to the guys at The Week in Geek Radio show. Matt’s segment starts at 46:40.

    written by mouza on Wednesday, January 08 2020

    News: “Adverse” to open in Porto International Film Festival 2020

    Matt’s upcoming movie “Adverse” will be the opening night screening of Porto International Film Festival 2020.  The news was announced yesterday on the festival’s official website and was tweeted by the movie’s twitter page.


    written by mouza on Monday, December 23 2019

    Gallery Update: Heart of Lightness (2014)

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    I was able to finally track down one of Matt’s older projects to update the gallery with. Heart of Lightness (2014) was an independent movie about 8 British actors and a narcoleptic director travel to the Norwegian Arctic Circle to film Henrik Ibsen’s play ‘The Lady From The Sea’. The movie was available for a while on Amazon Prime but was removed a while ago, but you can stream/purchase it to support the filmmaker on Vimeo.

    Matt’s screentime was about 5 minutes so I had to overcap his scenes. I’ve updated the gallery with an HQ still of Matt and 720p screencaptures, enjoy!


    written by mouza on Monday, July 29 2019

    Video: “Adverse” Tease Trailer

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