November 15, 2014
Interview: Five Questions With Matt Ryan

1. How do you prepare to play John Constantine? Do you have a specific routine?

Matt Ryan: I find listening to music really helpful for getting into character. Usually some rock or punk.

2. What qualities do you feel like you share with John?

Matt Ryan: I would say the one thing we have in common are our sense of humor.

3. Describe John in three words (or more if you feel like it).

Matt Ryan: Cunning. Ruthless. Working class anti-hero.

4. What’s the biggest challenge you face in bringing such a well-known character to life?

Matt Ryan: I know you can’t please everybody, but trying to stay true to the DNA of the character that the fans love so much.

5. What’s one fun fact about you that fans would be surprised to know?

Matt Ryan: I have a passion for motorbikes. [source]