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    written by mouza on Friday, October 10 2014

    Interview: Matt Ryan on Becoming ‘Constantine’

    If you’re not a big comic book fan or you dot happen to be familiar with the DC superhero and demon hunter John Constantine, please allow Matt Ryan to pique your interest.

    The Welsh actor is about to step into the iconic role in NBC’s new talked-about horror fantasy drama “Constantine,” which is based on the Hellblazer comic books, and we’re thoroughly convinced he’s the perfect man for the job. We spoke with Matt about how he prepared for the his part in the DC universe, what fans can expect from the series when it comes to staying true to the source, and what it’s like to play the sort of sarcastic superhero who “kind of doesn’t give a sh*t.”

    Moviefone: This is one of the most highly-anticipated new shows of the season. For people who don’t know much about Hellblazer or Constantine, how would you describe this character? Who is John Constantine?

    Matt Ryan: John Constantine is a demonologist and he’s a master of the dark arts. He’s someone who’s very cunning and manipulative and kind of will sacrifice anyone or anything to achieve his goal, which is ultimately rid the world of evil and kind of bring balance to the world. [more at source]

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