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    written by mouza on Wednesday, August 13 2014

    News: Could Matt Ryan Join the “Justice League Dark” Movie?

    One of the many projects on filmmaker Guillermo del Toro’s docket is “Justice League Dark,” a movie based on the team of DC Comics’ supernatural characters. A key player in the JLD is John Constantine — who also happens to be the subject of the new NBC series “Constantine.”

    Speaking with IGN, del Toro says his take on the Constantine character and that of the series (which he’s not involved in) won’t necessarily sync up with the series. “The only thing I made clear to [DC and Warner Bros.] is the TV series will not affect the movie, and they said that’s OK.”

    He’s also not ruling out continuity between the series and film, though. “If we see the TV series and can mesh with it or cast the same actor” — Matt Ryan stars as Constantine in the series — “depending on where the movie is going, I would be happy to consider it,” del Toro says.

    There’s one big caveat here. A “Justice League Dark” film is probably several years away from release, and no one knows whether “Constantine” will be on the air that long.

    Still, del Toro says he plans to tune in to “Constantine” “as a fan, first of all” when it premieres Oct. 24 on NBC. “I will watch it and keep an eye on it,” he says.  (source)

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