Interview: Matt Ryan on Becoming ‘Constantine’

If you’re not a big comic book fan or you dot happen to be familiar with the DC superhero and demon hunter John Constantine, please allow Matt Ryan to pique your interest.

The Welsh actor is about to step into the iconic role in NBC’s new talked-about horror fantasy drama “Constantine,” which is based on the Hellblazer comic books, and we’re thoroughly convinced he’s the perfect man for the job. We spoke with Matt about how he prepared for the his part in the DC universe, what fans can expect from the series when it comes to staying true to the source, and what it’s like to play the sort of sarcastic superhero who “kind of doesn’t give a sh*t.”

Moviefone: This is one of the most highly-anticipated new shows of the season. For people who don’t know much about Hellblazer or Constantine, how would you describe this character? Who is John Constantine?

Matt Ryan: John Constantine is a demonologist and he’s a master of the dark arts. He’s someone who’s very cunning and manipulative and kind of will sacrifice anyone or anything to achieve his goal, which is ultimately rid the world of evil and kind of bring balance to the world. [more at source]

Gallery Update: LATF Digital Scans

Matt have made it into the cover of LATF magazine newest issue. You can check out the spreads by clicking on the thumbnails below:


News: Additional Script Orders For Constantine

Encouraging news for freshman NBC dramas Mysteries of Laura and ConstantineThe network has ordered three extra scripts of each show. The script pickup forLaura comes after three episodes, for Constantine, it is being done ahead of the comic book drama’s debut later this month. Both series hail from Warner Bros. TV.

Picking up backup scripts has become a favorite tactic of the broadcast network as it is a relatively inexpensive way to buy a few extra weeks by keeping writers working on shows that executives feel have promise before the nets have to decide on a back episodic order.

The Mysteries of Laura has showed excellent week-to-week retention. In its second episode in its regular Wednesday 8 PM slot, the cop dramedy starring Debra Messing drew a 1.5 in Live+Same Day, matching its rating in Week 1 and also matching the delivery of NBC’s 10 PM drama on the night, Chicago P.D. Meanwhile, Constantine, based on the DC comic, has been tracking very well, with one of the highest awareness levels for a new series this season. The series joins NBC’s Friday genre block on Oct. 24. [Source]

Video: 4 New Constantine Promos

Video: New Constantine Promo – Seeking Redemption

Photos: New Constantine Pilot Stills

I’ve uploaded +20 HQ episode stills from Constantine’s pilot. You can check them out by clicking on the thumbnails below:


Scans: EW’s Comic Book Club

Thanks to Ashley, I’ve uploaded 1 digital scan of Matt’s in next week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. You can check it out by clicking on the preview below:


News: Matt Ryan is One of Fall TV Obsessions

 Get ready to fall in love with Matt Ryan.

Ryan stars as John Constantine on NBC’s new fall show, Constantine, and he’s pretty much the absolute perfect choice to play the sarcastic, dangerous and doomed master of the dark arts.

When NBC announced that it was getting into the comic book show game like every other network, fans of DC Comics popular series Hellblazer were psyched to find out that the peacock, partnered with Warner Bros. TV, was moving forward withConstantine, a show based on the comic book character at the center of the franchise. But we all knew that casting the complex and enigmatic lead role of Constantine would make or break the entire show. (Don’t even get us started onKeanu Reeves‘ version of Constantine. Just don’t.)

So thank goodness NBC found Welsh actor Ryan. In the pilot alone, he managed to infuse the fan-favorite character with the right balance of confidence and bravado mixed with self-loathing and grief that make up who the complicated character is.

You see, Constantine has had a rough time when the pilot picks up. Like so many times in the comics, he failed to save someone close to him, and the knowledge that their soul is currently doomed to hell for eternity because of a mistake he made is eating him up inside. But he hides his inner turmoil, covering it up with snarky comments and sarcastic jokes in his signature deadpan humor any chance he gets. He’s tired of his job as a supernatural detective and protector, and yet he knows he has to do it for the greater good. He’s trapped in this life, doomed in his own way.

With any other actor, Constantine would have ended up feeling like yet another reluctant hero, or just a chance for some good-looking actor to brood in a campy supernatural adventure. But Ryan pours so much emotionpain, hope, regret, grief, desperationinto the titular character that you feel what he feels. You’re hooked from the moment you look into his world-weary eyes. [More at source]

Video: TV Guide Magazine Fall Preview

You can check out Matt’s part at 03:50

Scans: Constantine TV Guide’s Fall Preview Issue

Thanks to Carol, I’ve uploaded 4 scans of Constantine in TV Guide’s fall preview issue. You can check out the amazing spread they have of Matt by clicking on the preview below:


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