2007 – Lovely and Misfit

Directed by: Anna Ledwich
Written by: Tennessee Williams
Produced by: Andrew Fishwick
Production year: 2007
Original release: March 8, 2007 – March 31, 2007
Opening Night: March 8, 2007
Other cast:

And Tell Sad Stories…. (a title drawn from Shakespeare’s Richard II) has the benefit of a dazzling performance by Edward Hughes as Candy, a rich but fading drag queen, deserted by his long term ‘husband’, who picks up a brutal merchant seaman to bring home and set up house together in his luxury apartment.

Given the surly menace of Matt Ryan’s sailor, at once appalled but equally intrigued by the sexual possibilities and the dollar wealth, this is an encounter that can only end in tears and tragedy, although it somehow survives a week of breakfasts and bedtimes before the cruel and crucial crack-up.